Recipe: Irish Eyes Cocktail

Irish Eyes Cocktail

Irish Eyes Cocktail

Here is a DELICIOUS cocktail that will have you feelin’ LUCKY! A PERFECT after dinner sipper that is JUST IN TIME for St. Patty’s Day! Featuring our FAMOUS Dubliner Irish Whiskey!
  • 4oz The Dubliner Irish Whiskey
  • 1oz Gaetano Crème de Menthe
  • 8oz The Whistler Irish Cream
  • Ice
  • Stonewall Kitchen Bada Bing Cherries, for garnish
  • Fresh Mint Leaves, for garnish


Fill two Irish coffee cocktail glasses with ice (or any cocktail glass of choice).

Place ice in a cocktail shaker. Add The Dubliner Irish Whiskey, Gaetano Crème de Menthe and The Whistler Irish Cream into the cocktail shaker.

Shake well and strain into the two prepared cocktail glasses filled with ice. Garnish with fresh mint leaves and Stonewall Kitchen Bourbon Bada Bing Cherries.

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