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The Stock Market offers a large assortment of high quality loose leaf teas, the largest selection in Northeast Wisconsin of Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oils and fine aged balsamic vinegars. We also offer air dried pasta and gourmet foods, kitchen gadgets featuring OXO, Himalayan salt tiles, a unique selection of wine, spirits and craft beers, as well as local specialty cheeses! In addition, we offer trendy home decor and serveware that makes for a unique and fun shopping experience! 

We sample everything in the store!

We want you to love what you buy. Every Saturday our 15 person island is stocked with mustards, bbq sauces, aiolis, and jams for you to try! Come hungry!


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Best Seller!

The Habanero pepper is known for it’s immediate heat.  Being one of the spiciest peppers in the world you will definitely feel the burn with just a pinch of the sea salt.  Use with caution as a cooking or finishing salt.

FLAVOR PROFILE • Vegetables, Guacamole, Meat, Seafoods, Eggs, Popcorn, Jelly or Jams to create a sweet heat.

INGREDIENTS • Sea Salt, Habanero Peppers.

Best Seller!

The fresh flavor of lemon dances with a Balinese Pyramid Salt to create a refreshing salt that adds a distinct yet subtle zing to any dish!  Made with real lemon juice, for best results store in refrigerator.

FLAVOR PROFILE • Seafood, Chicken, Salads, Fruit, Avocado Toast, Drink Rimmers, Desserts.

INGREDIENTS • Sea Salt, Lemon.

Best Seller!

This sea salt combines the unique taste of Sriracha sauce and sea salt.  This sea salt will give you a burst of chili peppers and with a tangy bite at the end.  This is just as good as the real thing.

Flavor Profile: Eggs, Vegetables, Soups, Chili, Meats

Ingredients: Sea Salt, Sriracha.

Best Seller!

This finishing salt is a unique combination of Italian White Alba Truffles and Trapani Sea Salt.  Our White Truffle Salt adds a soft buttery flavor to almost any dish. This is a great way to savor the prized white truffle on your palate!

FLAVOR PROFILE • Pasta, Eggs, Potatoes, Popcorn, Bread Dipper (with olive oil), Seafood, Bloody Mary’s, Salads.

INGREDIENTS • Sicilian Sea Salt, White Alba Truffle.

Best Seller!

A natural blend between sea salt and fresh cut rosemary, the aroma alone will whisk you away to Spain! This cooking and finishing salt is perfect for an herb-scented delight.

FLAVOR PROFILE • Roasted Potatoes, Poultry, Meats, Salads, Pasta, Bread Dipper (with Olive Oil).

INGREDIENTS • Sea Salt, Rosemary.

Best Seller!

Sourced straight from the Himalayan Mountains, this salt is know for being the cleanest, purest, and healthiest salt in the world because it contains over 84 trace minerals!  Throw away your ordinary table salt and use this beautiful salt for all of your cooking, baking, and finishing needs!

FLAVOR PROFILE • Vegetables, Meats, Seafood, Drink Rimmers.

INGREDIENTS • Himalayan Salt.


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In addition to our Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Fine Aged Balsamic Vinegars, specialty loose leaf teas and trendy home decor, The Stock Market also proudly carries the following brands:

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