Feeling Icky? Immunity Elixir Tea is the Answer!

Immunity Tea

Stay Healthy: Drink our Immunity Elixir Herbal Tea!

Feeling icky? ?

I 100% SWEAR by our organic Immunity Elixir herbal tea, as do many of our customers who CONTINUALLY come back to fill up on this amazing caffeine free tea. Even if I suspect I am coming down with something, I will drink 4 cups a day of this “miracle” tea to ward off anything icky that might be brewing. I add half a teaspoon of raw honey to add even further benefits! ?☕️

Our immune system protects us from many threats including environmental toxins and stress. This slightly sweet blend increases the body’s natural defenses against all disease. GET WELL AND STAY WELL with this herbal blend, only at The Stock Market!

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