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The Stock Market offers a large assortment of high quality loose leaf teas, the largest selection in Northeast Wisconsin of Ultra Premium extra virgin olive oils and fine aged balsamic vinegars. We also offer air dried pasta and gourmet foods, kitchen gadgets featuring OXO, Himalayan salt tiles, a unique selection of wine, spirits and craft beers, as well as local specialty cheeses! In addition, we offer trendy home decor and serveware that makes for a unique and fun shopping experience! 

We sample everything in the store!

We want you to love what you buy. Every Saturday our 15 person island is stocked with mustards, bbq sauces, aiolis, and jams for you to try! Come hungry!


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Mildly sweet yet faintly bitter finish. This ubiquitous little plant with its sunny yellow blooms and playful white puff-balls, has long been used for its gentle flavor and ease-of-cultivation. Often used to support liver and kidney function, this tea has a mild diuretic effect. Best enjoyed hot or mixed with your favorite teas.


Our nutty Rooibos Herbal Tea is mixed with chunks of sun-ripened mango, golden sunflower petals for an authentic floral aroma. A drizzle of only the finest All-Natural Flavors transports you to a tropical paradise full of sunshine and relaxation. This beautiful tea is naturally caffeine-free which makes it a perfect choice for any audience. We enjoy it hot, but this blend shines chilled and served over ice.

Steep 2-4 minutes


This decadent tea boasts a nutty character that tends sweet. Papaya pieces, orange petals and other natural flavors are a wonderful compliment to the beautiful pecans. The delicious lingering pecan profile will beckon you back for more and more.

Steep 3-5 minutes


With its warm cinnamon toast spice, this tea comes to the fore with a delicious, juicy apple mouth-feel.  Apple pieces, cinnamon, rose + safflower petals and other natural flavors make this tea taste just like a ripe, juicy apple! Though this tea is amazing hot, it is also a delicious, refreshing treat chilled and served over ice.

Steep 3-5 minutes


This tea starts with our lovely Young Hyson Green Tea for a robust, lively cup without harsh, grassy flavors. Next we add chunks of vine-ripened blackberries and a palmful of snow-white jasmine flowers for an authentic floral note in each sip. We finish it all off  with a drizzle of our All-Natural Flavors for a well-rounded finish. Though this tea is great hot, it also makes a unique and cooling treat chilled and served over ice.

Steep 3-5 minutes

This brilliant tea starts with our Young Hyson Green Tea for a robust, lively cup without harsh grassy flavors. Next we add a handful of sweet fruit pieces, zesty orange peel and a smattering of warming, spicy cloves. We bring it all together with a drizzle of our All Natural flavors for a well-rounded finish. Best served hot. 
Steep 3-5 minutes

Brands We Carry

In addition to our Ultra-Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Fine Aged Balsamic Vinegars, specialty loose leaf teas and trendy home decor, The Stock Market also proudly carries the following brands:

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