Wine, Spirits & Beer

Stop by to sample a variety of unique wines, spirits and beer. Whether it’s local product or from around the world, we’ve got something for everyone!


We offer wines from around the world!

Trapiche Malbec from Argentina, Moscato and Prosecco from Italy, delicious Syrah, Merlot, Riesling, & Pinot Grigio from our wonderful state of Washington, delectable wines from California, and let’s not forget our #1 Seller, Cherry Moscato!


It’s so easy to get lost in the liquor aisle.

That’s why at The Stock Market we carry the best of the best vodkas, whiskeys, & liqueurs to make your decisions easier. From vodkas that have real fruits and spices floating about, whiskeys made with eclectic flavors sure to impress, & award winning moonshines & gin. We don’t just tell you it’s good, we show you! In fact, we are the only specialty food market in Northeast Wisconsin that samples EVERYTHING WE SELL! We don’t like buying without knowing, so why would we expect you to? If cocktails are more your thing, check out our NEW bitters display offering the best of the best bitters & mixers! From Old Fashioned bitters to cherry to molasses, we’ve got you covered! Cheers!

Craft Beer

Now is the best time to be a beer lover in Wisconsin.

We are proud to offer unique, award-winning craft beer and be a part of the creative and vibrant community of brewers. Bringing unique, flavorful beer to our growing community and surrounding areas is so exciting for us. We know that beer lovers are curious and adventurous and that’s why we “stock” the best craft beer in the nation. From Prairie Coffee Stout, to Maui Bikini Blonde – we offer a great selection of some of our favorites. Custom create your own 6-pack to enjoy yourself or give as a gift.



Questions about our wine, spirits and beer?

Call us at 715-201-1111 for more information!