Oolong Teas

We love its dark, mahogany color and its rich, earthy flavor. We also love its pale amber liquor and its delicate, slightly sweet flavor.

If oolongs had a sign, it would be Gemini. Of all the tea varieties, their nature is by far the most split. They can be as rich as black tea or as light as green tea, and true oolong fans appreciate all of their varied qualities. Each oolong in our line has been selected for its unique character and flavor profile, from the delicate, floral Magnolia Oolong to the dark, woodsy Formosa. Sip an oolong from each extreme—you’re sure to love its personality, no matter which you end up with.

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With its leaves gently hand rolled into loose balls, this tea is an approachable, delightful introduction for those new to Oolongs, and a sturdy “everyday cup” for long time fans.


This beautiful oolong is a so dark and bold that it’s nearly a black tea. The large, coarse leaves brew up into a brassy-colored liquor with a mellow, satisfying taste that’s slightly earthy, but smooth as glass. Naturally low in caffeine, this brew makes a great substitute for those looking to cut back. Great hot or iced.


This elegant Green Dragon Oolong is processed in the Tung Ting Jade Style. The leaves are grown in the Tung Ting Mountains in Taiwan and are less oxidized, producing a much greener, sweeter tea. This aromatic and floral tea exhibits a bright golden green liquor that is richly smooth and buttery. Very easy on the palate, our Green Dragon Oolong provides a little hint of soft grassy notes and young coconut. Best served hot and enjoyed often.